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How Fantasy Sports is Different from other Online Sports

how fantasy sports is different from othe online sports

Fantasy games is currently the hot topic which is generating buzz in the online sports industry as well as getting recognition and support from sports lovers worldwide due to its exciting and innovative concept. There are many other online sports formats available online but most are struggling to attract new players or maintain their interest in the games. Fantasy sports is the only online gaming format whose fan-base is consistently increasing as it successfully managed to bring games like cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, etc. closer to those sports fanatics who were just a mere spectator before.

Fantasy Sports Vs Other Online Sports:

Fantasy sports provides players the chance to win big cash prizes by demonstrating their skills and knowledge of the game. Participants can join in fantasy contests of their favorite games by creating their own teams and enter the leagues to compete against other teams. The teams score points on the basis of performance of the chosen players in a real match. The team which scores maximum wins the match and team owner gets big cash rewards.

What separates fantasy sports from other games is the fact that participants use real players to create a fantasy team. They can pick any player they want and enter the leagues to play fantasy contests for major cricket and football tournaments. It provides them the incredible opportunity to own and manage a team of players they adore the most.

Fantasy sports is different than all those online games which are considered as gambling as per Indian law. Fantasy sports is a completely strategy-based game which requires adroitness, practice, and knowledge of the game. Playing fantasy sports is not a violation of law in India. You can play on an online fantasy sports website without any worry about the safety and privacy of your personal and financial information. As you invest real money, it is important is to choose an authentic and trustworthy website to play the games.

Also, fantasy sports are the easiest and “quick-to-learn” games than all other games. If you understand cricket or football, you can easily learn the rules and regulations of the game and start participating in fantasy contests for major tournaments.

Participants can enjoy playing fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, etc on online fantasy platforms. Other than spending some quality time, they can earn good amount of money by participating in public leagues. Fantasy sports websites offer great deposit offers and bonuses time-to-time for the players.

What’s important is to choose a reputed platform to play fantasy sports. A platform which is not only engaging but also provides the maximum opportunity to win big prizes. LeagueAdda provides vast options of matches to choose from along with  leagues with minimal entry fees to ensure a high return on our investments. The website allows players to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

If you are looking for a game which not only entertains to the core but also allow the player to take home breathtaking cash prizes, fantasy is the game for you!


How Fantasy Sports Games can boost your analytical skills

how fantasy sports can boost your analytical skills

Fantasy sports is considered as a gaming format which has completely changed the landscape of online games in India. It turned the dream of every gaming enthusiast to participate in a major sports tournament into reality.

Playing fantasy games requires obtaining the information, its quick and careful analysis, and taking the decision on the basis of its findings. To play, participants choose the players to create their dream team and enter a league to compete against other teams. A team earns points on the basis of its players’ performance in the real matches. The team with the maximum points wins the match and the team owner gets rewarded with huge cash prizes.

Here are few of the reasons why we consider fantasy sports is a great game to sharpen your analytical skills as well as improve your focus and problem-solving ability.

Fantasy sports help players in getting closely connected with their favorite games. A participant needs to collect information about ongoing and upcoming matches, pitch conditions, weather report, players’ past and current performances, etc. to select a match and create the best team which can score higher points than other teams. It requires careful observation and analysis of performance statistics.
As participant needs to work as a team owner as well as team manager, he has to keep favoritism aside and choose players as per their current performance, not their star status. Established players are expensive so the 100 credit budget is not enough to pick each and every big name. You need to keep an eye on those players who are not popular but carry a great potential of performing well under pressure and scoring big for the team.
The participant chooses a practice or public league to compete against other teams. To select the best league for the match which suits his budget, he needs to consider entry fee, the number of maximum participants, scoring system, winning positions, and total prize pool, etc. Comparing these features with other leagues requires critical thinking, calculations, and decision-making skills.

In fantasy cricket, the participant selects team Captain and Vice-captain of the team. The Captain gets 2x and the Vice Captain gets 1.5x points on their performances in the match respectively. The participant also chooses 11 players including batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. To create a solid team, he needs to pick each and every player after a thorough research and analysis of the information related to their past performances and current form to ensure the team earns the maximum points in the match.

LeagueAdda is one of the few leading fantasy cricket sites in India which host contests for national and international cricket tournaments like IPL (Indian Premier League) and ICC World Cup. You can learn how to play fantasy cricket on the website in no time. Sign up process on the website is simple and quick. Other than fantasy cricket, you can enjoy other versions of the game such as fantasy football and fantasy kabaddi on the website.