Pro Tips to Become a Champion Fantasy Player

fantasy sports tipsDon’t you love the feeling of winning? Follow the below five commandments and become a champion fantasy sports player.

Know Your Sport🏏⚽

How to make the perfect team is one of the burning questions in fantasy sports platforms. Answer: Do your research on players! You cannot win cash prizes without knowing the basics of the sport and its players. It’s important to have the knowledge, and the more you know, more prizes you can win.

Adhere to Deadline⏰

Haven’t you heard that early bird catches the worm first? Create your teams immediately after the leagues have gone live. The best advantage is that when the playing 11 is out, and if one of your players are not in the original squad, you only have to make that one change. A little discipline could bring plenty of rewards.

Leagues: Your Choice🎫

From Rs.1,50,000 to Rs.25 leagues, there are plenty of leagues to play at LeagueAdda. If you are a new fantasy player, play practice leagues before putting your skills to test in paid leagues. Also, be it big or small leagues, join those leagues which increases your winnings.

Fun is Key for Success🏆

England football team manager Gareth Southgate attributed his team’s success in 2018 FIFA World Cup to the power of enjoyment. Having fun brings out the best in people. Winning and losing are part and parcel of the game, but it’s important to enjoy every bit of it. Unlimited fun = continued success on fantasy sports platforms.

Follow Your Brain🧠

Two things you need to succeed in fantasy platforms are quick and logical thinking. Avoid random player selection. The criteria for picking players, captain, and vice-captain should be recent form and overall record. Golden rule: resist heart’s temptations and follow your brain.

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