The Lowdown: How To Win Real Cash Prizes

If you are eyeing real cash prizes, LeagueAdda app is the place to be. Grand leagues, exciting offers & promotions, unique contests & lots more. We explain how you can win cash prizes by playing on our fantasy sports app.

Raining Leagues

Have you wondered why there are so many leagues on LeagueAdda? To ensure everyone wins cash prizes. Players can join any number of leagues and the bigger ones, Rs.1,00,000, Rs.50,000, etc., carry more cash prizes. The grand leagues are the most popular leagues on the platform.

1 lac league in fantasy cricketRs. 50000 league in fantasy sports

Rs. 32000 league in fantasy cricketRs. 12000 league in fantasy cricket

Though don’t shy away from small leagues as there are plenty of cash prizes up for grabs. The rewards compared to grand leagues maybe small but one of LeagueAdda’s biggest winners was a regular player of small leagues.

Add Teams & Prizes Galore

Imagine India are facing England the 2019 ICC World Cup final and you are in a captaincy dilemma. What would you do? Sacrifice one of your favourite players? Don’t do it! Now, you can add up to six teams in a league; which means you can win more cash prizes.

add team in fantasy cricket

Open your LeagueAdda app, create a team and join a league. Once you have entered the playing XI, click ‘Rejoin’ to add more teams and increase your winnings.

Captain Brings ‘Gold’

Did you know how many points did Chris Lynn score against Brisbane Heats the other day? 54.5! Now, double that. Those players who have selected the swashbuckling batsman as their captain would have won cash prizes. Don’t forget that vice-captain too brings you extra points.

captains and vice captains in fantasy cricket

Imagine your captain and his deputy scoring big points. That’s the kind of perfect scenario which will bring you fantastic cash prizes.

Running Late? Don’t Worry

We don’t advice players to make their teams in the last minute. But sometimes it happens and when it does, don’t worry you won’t miss out on prizes. The extended deadline helps you make teams even after the playing XIs are out.

choose players at the end leagueadda

If a player injured is during warm-up, you can make changes before the kick-off, or just before the first ball. Changes in teams can be made very quickly with the help of the fantasy league app.

Cricket & Prizes

Cricket is the undisputed No.1 sport in India. Almost all players play fantasy cricket and win real cash prizes. Constant tours, tournaments, and leagues are one of the reasons behind cricket’s dominance in the fantasy sports platforms. And with Leagues aplenty, fantasy players have always won cash prizes.

ongoing cricket series and tournaments The ongoing tours, tournaments & leagues in cricket

Promotions & Contests

No fantasy sports platform is complete without offers and contests. LeagueAdda’s flash offers, festive offers, refer a challenge contest, etc., helps you claim some cool bonuses. It can be used to play on the platform, and eventually win cash prizes.

200% bonus on first depositnew year bash offer on leagueadda

refer a buddy challenge leagueadda
Open the app, and on top of the home screen, fantasy players can see the latest offers and promotions on the platform.

Sit back, relax, create your playing XI and enjoy cash prizes.

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