Man of the Month – Radheshyam

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Fantasy sports is one of the most entertaining skill-based online games. Sports enthusiasts get the chance to don coach’s role – picking players, choosing captain and vice-captain – and win big cash prizes. The leagues are big, and the prizes are even bigger. Our Man of the Month, Radheshyam who has more than 15 lakhs so far, shares his success story.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Radheshyam Kumar Singh and, I live in Bihar. I am an ardent cricket fan and is a Mechanical Engineer by profession.

How did you come to know about LeagueAdda?

A friend, who is a regular player at LeagueAdda, referred me to the website. I was hooked immediately.

How has your LeagueAdda journey been so far?

I am enjoying every minute of it. Initially, I used to play fantasy cricket on the website, but now I shifted to the fantasy cricket app. It is very comfortable to play on the phone as editing the team and joining the leagues are easy.

You have been a serial winner. Can you reveal some of your strategies?

From previous experiences, I understood that random selection of players rarely works in fantasy cricket. I started collecting whatever statistics available on players, teams and pitch conditions. It worked wonders.

I think the criteria for player selection should be his or her’s recent form and how the player has performed in a particular format. Also, it’s no fun to create your squad at the very last minute. I always lock my team before the deadline.

What’s the most difficult thing you have come across in team selection?

Choosing the captain is a very tricky thing in the team selection. As the player doubles your points, a wrong choice could prove disastrous. I remember during the England-India T20I series I had a tough time choosing between Jos Buttler and Rohit Sharma.

Do you have any favourite leagues on LeagueAdda? 

I love Rs.1,00,000 & Rs.50,000 Leagues on the platform. It’s more challenging than most of the other leagues on the platform. I usually join small leagues. The cash rewards are not big compared to grand leagues, but there are plenty of cash prizes to be won in small leagues.

What’s the one advice you would give to new fantasy players?

Success doesn’t come overnight. So keep playing, and you will get your rewards.

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