Ultimate Guide to Fantasy Cricket

It’s the 1983 World Cup final that changed the landscape of cricket in India.  The success of the Kapil Dev-led team in England made cricket numero uno in India.  Now, it is the most popular in the country and is played every in nook and corner.

Fantasy cricket, meanwhile, is the virtual version of the gentleman’s game. More than 70 platforms, LeagueAdda being the most popular, host fantasy cricket, and is very popular with cricket fans. How to play fantasy cricket? Do winners get cash prizes? LeagueAdda answers all your questions on fantasy cricket and shares few tips and tricks on how to make the perfect team.

Beat The Budget

Budget is the first step in team selection. Players are given 100 credits to make their 11.  The squad should include at least one wicketkeeper, three batsmen, one all-rounder, and three bowlers – four categories. The in-form players would be more expensive than relatively unknown names. A bonus player option is also available, wherein players can cross the maximum limit of any category by one player.

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The Perfect Combo

A clear picture about batting-bowling combo is a must while choosing the playing XI. Limited overs cricket, which includes ODIs, T20s, and T10s, is a format where batsmen usually score quickly and bowlers have very little time to make an impact. In the shorter formats, batsmen usually outscore bowlers. But things are little different in Test cricket. The pacers and spinners are right up there with batsmen.

Facts That Matter

Spinners took half the wickets that fell in the recently concluded India-West Indies Test series. The sub-continent (India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Bangladesh) pitches have always favoured spinners and batsmen, while in Australia, England, South Africa etc it is the pacers who claimed more points. And the recently concluded Test match between Australia and India is an example; pacers bagged 30 wickets, while spinners managed just 10.

The Usual Suspects

Cheteshwar Pujara is one of the most consistent batsmen in Test cricket. He averaged 55 & 67 in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Every team has that one player who performs consistently. Even if the team fails to win matches, they keep claiming points. England ODI & T20I skipper Eoin Morgan, T20 legend Chris Gayle, Afghanistan skipper Rashid Khan are few shining examples.

cheteshwar pujara leagueadda

             Cheteshwar Pujara                                                         Pic Credits: AP

Skipper – The Choice That Makes or Breaks

No player gives you more points than the captain in fantasy cricket. So it’s important to choose the right man to lead your playing XI. Form and the player’s overall record are the key things to look while selecting the captain. Players like Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Shakib Al-Hasan, Kane Williamson are sure picks thanks to the consistent performances in all three formats.

Leagues & Prizes

How to play fantasy cricket and win cash prizes? Join the Leagues! At LeagueAdda, the aim is to make everyone a winner. The Leagues, paid and free, would be live 48 hours before the match. The first-time players can join the Practice League to prepare themselves for the big leagues. The most popular Leagues on LeagueAdda are Rs.1,00,000 League, Rs.50,000 League, Gayle 333 League, and  Rs.32,000 League. Always make sure to join the Leagues before the deadline.

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