Difference between Fantasy Sports & Gambling

difference between fantasy sports and gambling

How is fantasy sports different from gambling?

This is a commonly asked question by Indian gaming enthusiasts who want to join fantasy sports but are unclear about the nature of the game.

Gambling is a chance-based betting activity where gamblers bet on random and uneducated guesses about the outcome of an event. Gambling is illegal in India.

Fantasy sports is a skill-based game where participants create teams of real players to participate in real matches and on the basis of their performances in the match, the team earns points. The team with the maximum points wins the match and the team owner gets fabulous cash prizes.

To play fantasy sports, you need to choose the best players who can score maximum points for your team. It requires extensive research and analysis of the statistics about players’ past performances and current form. Also to choose the match, you need to collect information about pitch/ground present condition, results of past matches happened on that field, weather report, team updates, etc.

It’s all about how smart choices you can make!

As much knowledge, strategy, and acumen you demonstrate in the game, as much your chances of winning will improve.

How to play Fantasy Sports

Participants build their own team of players to play fantasy sports. To pick players, you get a budget of 100 credits for each match. Big names are expensive and as the budget limit cannot be exceeded, you have to utilize your game knowledge here to create a balanced team including established players as well as new but consistent players who can earn maximum score for your team. You also need to select a Captain and Vice Captain for your team.

After creating the team, you need to join a practice or paid league to compete against other teams.

As the element of “chance” is not involved, fantasy sports is declared as a game of skills and exempted from the provision of The Public Gaming Act 1867. Playing fantasy games is not illegal in India.

The unique concept of playing fantasy competitions for national and international tournaments of their favorite games is gaining attention from online gamers as well as cricket and football fans worldwide. The most popular variant of fantasy sports is Fantasy Cricket in India. You can actively participate in T20 and ODI formats of major cricket tournaments such as IPL (Indian Premier League) and ICC World Cup.

Fantasy football is another variant of fantasy sports which is gradually gaining popularity in the country. You can play fantasy contests for major football tournaments such as UEFA Champions League, EFL (English Football League), and FIFA World Cup.

As you participate in leagues to compete against other team owners, it becomes a battle of knowledge and adroitness. It is also true that caution is necessary while playing paid leagues. As you invest real money in the game, you need to carefully draft your dream team and pick the players as per their present performance and ability to perform under pressure.

LeagueAdda is one of India’s leading fantasy gaming websites which offer thrilling and entertaining fantasy sports variants such as fantasy cricket and fantasy football. The website strictly adheres to government rules and policies related to fantasy games. You can easily make financial transactions on LeagueAdda to play in paid leagues.

Residents of Assam, Odisha, and Telangana are not permitted to participate in paid fantasy leagues due to specific rules of these 3 states.

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